9 ways to ruin your open house

Via: Texas association of Realtors. I thought this was good advice for sellers who are staying in the home while trying to sell. It is a bit  difficult for buyers to see themselves in a home that is occupied but simple clean up and de-personalizing can definitely help!

Here are things to avoid neglecting for an open house.open house funny

08/29/2014 | Author: Editorial Staff

When done right, open houses are a great way for potential buyers to see your property at its best. When done wrong? You risk ruining your chances of a quick sale. Below are the worst mistakes sellers make at open houses as identified by Parade Magazine:

  • Staying during the open house
  • Not leaving enough time before you leave to prepare the house
  • Not cleaning up at all before you leave
  • Letting pets stay during the open house
  • Trying to mask odors with stronger odors
  • Trying to mask sounds, such as traffic noise, with louder sounds
  • Not turning on lights before you leave
  • Blocking access to parts of the house
  • Leaving notes for buyers, pointing out features of the home

Remember, your Texas REALTOR® knows how your property will appeal to buyers. Listen to his or her advice about open houses and other matters regarding your home’s sale.


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