Housing design trends in Texas

Via: Texas Association of Realtor’s


Just a few growing trends to look out for. This post was essentially for Realtor but I feel  Sellers can get a benefit from knowing what the latest trends are that buyers are looking for.


10/02/2014 | Author: Editorial Staff

Privacy, personal elements, and practicality are a few of the features that buyers purchasing new homes desire, according to experts interviewed by Builder magazine. Here’s what designs those experts say are popular this year.

  • Private outdoor spaces. Buyers are looking for outdoor areas that have some privacy from nearby houses.
  • Outdoor “rooms.” These covered outdoor spaces adjoin interior rooms but provide access to outside.
  • Personal touches. Those buyers purchasing new or existing homes are looking for ways to introduce their personal touch in a home, typically through custom fixtures, flooring, and kitchen designs.
  • More room in the garage. Cars aren’t the only items homeowners store in garages. Buyers are looking for extra space to expand their storage options.
  • Small and efficient. Some buyers are looking at smaller homes seeking energy efficiency and functional spaces.

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