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Via: Texas Veterans BlogMarch is Women’s History Month, but here in Texas it’s also Women Veterans Month, and we celebrate their long and distinguished history serving in the U.S. Military. As early as the American Revolution, women have stood alongside men, behind the scenes and on the front line, with courage and determination

American Revolution

The women who supported the Continental Army were often disparaged as “camp followers,” because they served the soldiers and officers as washerwomen, cooks, and seamstresses, but some even acted as soldiers and spies. Many of these women followed the army because their husbands were soldiers in the regiments.

Margaret Cochran Corbin was married to John Corbin, a trained artilleryman and one of 600 American soldiers defending Fort Washington from 4,000 Hessian troops under British command. Because she was a nurse, Margaret was permitted to join her husband in battle to provide support to injured soldiers. When John Corbin was killed at his cannon, she immediately stepped in and resumed firing the cannon in his place until she herself grievously wounded. On July 6, 1779, the Continental Congress granted her money equal to one-half the pay drawn by a soldier and one suit of clothes. Margaret was the first American woman to receive a military pension and is buried at West Point.

Civil War

Women filled many of the same roles listed above for the Union and Confederate forces. In addition, women nurses and matrons staffed government and regimental hospitals for the Union and Confederacy, and at least one was an acting assistant surgeon who tended to the wounded. Female nurses and spies also worked near the front lines. They also served disguised as male soldiers fighting at the front. Historians have documented roughly 250 female Civil War soldiers, and there were certainly more, who participated in every major battle.


In 1861, after the death of her husband, who was an officer with the Texas United States Army, Loreta Janeta Velàzquez enlisted in the Confederate States Army as Henry T. Buford and went on to fight at Bull Run, Ball’s Bluff and Fort Donelson. While in New Orleans, her real gender was detected and she was discharged, however, she reenlisted and fought at the Battle of Shiloh in April, 1862. Afterwards, she was exposed again and became a Confederate spy and later, a double agent for the U.S. Secret Service. While she worked as a spy, Loreta was sometimes disguised as a man and other times as a woman. Loreta was married and widowed three more times, and died in January, 1923.


Spanish-American War

After the Battleship Maine exploded in the Havana Harbor and the Battle of San Juan Hill in Cuba, wounded American soldiers were kept in very unsanitary conditions. Typhoid and Yellow Fever were rampant and there were few experienced medical personnel available. The Army Nurse Corps was comprised of more than 1,500 nurses who were paid thirty dollars a month, but held no military status. They served in post and camp hospitals and on hospital ships from 1898 to 1901.

Dita Hopkins Kinney, a former contract nurse, became the first Superintendent of the Army Nurse Corps in 1901. Esther Voorhees Hasson, one of the relief nurses during the war, became the first Superintendent of the Navy Nurse Corps in 1908. Ellen May Tower, a U.S. Army nurse from Byron, Michigan, died of Typhoid in Puerto Rico during the war. She was the first nurse to die on foreign soil and the first woman to receive a military funeral in Michigan.


Via: Texas Veterans Blog


Since 1946, Texas Veterans have been able to finance land purchases on favorable terms through the Texas Veterans Land Board (VLB). While the vast majority of Veteran borrowers keep current on their payments, a few must return land to the VLB. These forfeited land tracts are offered first to Texas Veterans and military members through Quarterly Online Land Sales (Type I Forfeited Land Sales).

The current sale features 15 tracts in 15 counties, totaling more than 109 acres. Available tracts can be viewed at, where all bids must be placed by April 25, 2017 at 5 p.m. central time. A Veteran or military member whose bid is accepted may apply for a VLB land loan for 30 years at a 7.25% interest rate with a minimum 5% down payment. The land loan limit is $150,000.

Bids for land tracts may be submitted through our easy and safe online bidding system. It also gives you more control over the bidding process. Once you find a piece of VLB forfeited land, the VLB website will direct you to either create a new online bidding account, or sign in to an existing account. For those military service members and Veterans new to this method of bidding, we have created a user-friendly step-by-step Quick Start Guide that will walk you through the entire process. You can now rank individual bids based on preference, change the bid amount, or delete an entire bid with a few keystrokes. Up to six bids may be placed by a single buyer. Detailed information on the sales process can be found in the Type I Forfeited Land Sale Handbook.

Please note that tracts may be added or withdrawn by the VLB at any time, for any reason. Tracts that do not sell during the quarterly sales are made available to all Texas residents as part of the Ongoing Land Sale (Type II Forfeited Land Sale). VLB land loans are available for these tracts to non-Veterans at the interest rate of 7.75%.

Your Texas VLB land loan benefit can be used toward VLB forfeited land tracts or other properties of one acre or more anywhere in Texas. If you have questions about bidding offline or online, please contact the VLB at 1-800-252-8387 or Stay up to date on Quarterly Online Land Sales: text VLB, your name and zip code to 67076.

If there are no forfeited land tracts that interest you, please consider property search websites that list land for sale in Texas, or contact a VLB approved real estate professional.

Mexican Mobile Consulate will be in Killeen on March 18, 2017

**Mexican Mobile Consulate will be in Killeen on March 18, 2017**
They will meet at the Immanuel Lutheran Church – Killeen, Texas
Address: 3801 Cunningham Rd, Killeen, TX 76542
Time: 9:00 am
Those interested in receiving services in a Mobile Consulate, must have an appointment. Get your appointment Tel. 1-877-639-4835 or online at



Consulates of Mexico in the United States has a program called Mobile Consulate, services that delivered through visits, usually performed during the weekends to Mexican communities located in remote areas of the consulate.

Mobile consulates main purposes:

Know the problems and needs of Mexicans living in the area.
Provide them with consular services.
Detection of possible cases of protection.
Promotion of the activities of the Institute for Mexicans Abroad.
Promotion of the Paisano Program.
Maintain a constant dialogue with community leaders place.
With the completion of Consulates Mobile, the Government of Mexico it is closer to its nationals reaching as far away as Alaska and Hawaii.

Most consular acts performed by consulates in visits are:
– Issuance of certificates high – security consular registration.
– Issuance of passports.
– Care protection cases.
– Promotion campaigns preventive protection.

Purser Homes: A Realtors Thoughts…

Purser Homes is a Builder Local to the Killeen/ Fort Hood area. This helps them to have a keen insight to what the local market is looking for. Purser offers High quality Homes. Their standard package usually includes the little extras like Crown molding, Granite counter tops, Pop-up ceilings,  and a Fireplace. All things that make a Home seem well polished and leave a nice finished look. Now, if you want the extras then be prepared to be Blown Away!!

If you haven’t guessed by now I rather like Purser Homes. I have never walked into one that did not impress me. The quality that Purser Homes puts out leaves me confident that any Buyer I bring will get more than what they paid for. Purser Homes tend to retain their value well and resell at a higher cost than other Homes. That being said these homes are still Very Affordable.

A Spec Home from Purser in the Fort Hood market can run from as low as the 160s to the mid 200s and will be worth every penny! I would Highly recommend Purser Homes to anyone looking for a New Build in the Killeen/ Fort Hood area. But hey, thats just my Opinion why dont you see for yourself….

Below is a list of Subdivisions where Purser Homes is currently Building:

White Rock Estates -Killeen, TX

Bunny Trail -Killeen, TX

Purser Crossing -Killeen, TX

Looking for a Realtor in the Fort Hood area? Give me a call!! Modtrice Ford- Realtor 254-462-7172





Tanglewood Estates Harker Heights

Tanglewood Estates and Tanglewood North in Harker Heights are two well Established neighborhoods in the area. Homes currently for sale in the area can sell for anywhere between $150,000.00 up to $450,000.00 depending on how high up on the hill it is located. Of course other factors include square footage, age (which can range from mid 70’s to early 200’s), and quality of the Home. The area is very desirable all in all. Most of the homes here are owner occupied which helps retain property value. Homeowners tend to take great care to make sure their yards stay manicured and their homes stay in good repair. It is rare to see a distressed home in this area. Not impossible but rare. Overall this is a great place to live but don’t take my word for it. Take some time and look for yourself…

Current Homes for sale in this area include…

MLS # 214914
MLS # 214575
MLS # 115304
MLS # 213421
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Killeen council to examine amending future land-use map


The Killeen City Council will have a public hearing and examine amending the Comprehensive Plan’s future land-use map to change a zoning designation at today’s regular meeting.

The land in question is a parcel of about 52 acres located along the north right of way of Stagecoach Road, about 420 feet west of Rein Drive.

DR Horton (copy)

Consideration of an amendment to the FLUM is necessary “because of the applicant’s request to rezone 52.54 acres” from agricultural single-family residential district to single-family residential district, according to a city memorandum.

During a Killeen Planning and Zoning Commission meeting in June, the commissioners recommended, 5-3, that the council disapprove an amendment to the future land-use map requested by W.B.W. Land Investments, a local developer, according to Herald reports.

Council members today also will consider approving the purchase of 42 encrypted digital handheld radios for the police department.

The radios would replace radios that are being phased out of inventories because of a lack of spare parts and support, according to a city memorandum.

“This acquisition will assist the police department in replacing many of its aging radios with new P25-compliant encrypted digital handheld radios in the furtherance of that goal,” the memorandum stated.

The purchase price of the radios is $149,043, and city staff recommended the radios be acquired from Dailey Wells Communications as a sole source procurement for $140,018 and 42 accessory sets (spare batteries, battery chargers and shoulder mics) from Tac 1 Systems for $9,025, based on lowest quoted price.

Other business

Council members will consider the Killeen-Fort Hood Regional Airport Subway Real Estate LLC lease agreement, extending the term for a period of five years from Oct. 1 to Sept. 30, 2020, and authorizing the city manager to execute the agreement.

Also, the council will consider reviewing, discussing and voting on the Killeen Arts Commission’s proposed recommendations for grant allocations of fiscal year 2016 hotel occupancy tax funds.

In June, during a meeting of the Arts Commission, the commission recommended the allocation of funding for eight applicants totaling $166,000.

Among other items, the council will look at three other zoning requests, with one of the requests asking for an amendment to the FLUM to allow a rezoning.

The council meets at 5 p.m. at City Hall, 101 N. College St.

A workshop follows the regular meeting, when the council will receive a briefing and discuss the draft water, wastewater and roadway impact fee study results and the remaining steps in the process for impact fee implementation.

The council also will discuss the fiscal year 2016 proposed budget, including the general fund and aviation.

2707 Black Orchid in Killeen is Simply Gorgeous!!


This Home at 2707 Black Orchid
Killeen, TX  76549 is a Must see!!


This Beautiful 5 Bedroom home in the Sunflower Est. subdivision has 2 master suites and is Like new!  This Home has 2 Master Suites! One large Master downstairs with large sitting area in bedroom and another large Master bedroom with full private bath upstairs.  It has  3 additional bedrooms with another bath upstairs. This is plenty of space for a large family!!


The kitchen is open  to the Large living area and dining area. Its is also very spacious and features granite counter-tops and ceramic tile in wet areas.


This home is only minutes to Fort Hood and the main PX and Commissary. To view this spectacular home today give me a call at 254-462-7172!!